Shaped by the spirit of the age of the founding year 1968, the international fashion brand Esprit stands for the relaxed, sunny lifestyle of its homeland, California. Esprit designs inspiring collections for women, men and children from high-quality materials and with great attention to detail. All Esprit products underline the commitment of the entire group to quality, design and execution.

The joys of travel

Find your own speed. Discover the places you’ve always wanted to see. Take colors and smells from foreign countries with you. Live your dream this summer …

The current summer collection is shaped by various trips and destinations and combines the diversity of modern luxury with contemporary elements and pure zest for life. Discover a lot of new cultures and be inspired by the beauty of the world. A foray through colors, patterns and shapes results in feminine and luxurious looks with a casual signature. The result is a cultural mix with a small dose of extravagance.

Discover your favorite pieces – perfectly combined with the right accessories and shoes – at Esprit in the ATRIO.