Danke Bauer

Danke Bauer offers a large selection of high-quality food from farmers and producers from Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli Venezia Giulia in his farm stand in the entrance area of ​​the ATRIO. The range not only includes the best types of bacon, house sausages or Sasaka from Carinthia, the original Bled cream slices and gibanica from Slovenia or our Montasio from Friuli, but also traditional, almost forgotten culinary delicacies from our region. Do you still remember the cushions or shortbread cookies at Grandma’s, do you still know what a paprika bacon sausage is and how it tastes or that lardo has a long tradition as salt and herb bacon with us and how good a real sourdough bread from the stone oven smells. Danke Bauer is dedicated to exactly this tradition and these foods and invites you to taste them at his stand and experience the food culture of our region. One of the pearls of the Carinthian food culture is definitely the cheese noodle stuck in the decades-long culture and tradition of our region.

In order to be able to offer the highest quality Carinthian noodles, Danke Bauer relies on handmade production in his own production just a few hundred meters away from the atrio. The taste experience of a real cheese noodle can only be achieved with fresh and high-quality ingredients that are sourced directly from the region. Danke Bauer only uses freshly cooked potatoes from Carinthia and does not use potato powder, the processed flour also comes from Carinthia. In contrast to some industrial goods, the only E that is in a Danke Bauer Noodle stands for HONEST.

Danke Bauer is also pleased that, in addition to his stand in the ATRIO, he is increasingly bringing tradition and food culture from our region from Carinthia to all of Europe via his webshop www.dankebauer.com.