Dorotheum Jeweller at ATRIO

DOROTHEUM Jeweller is the leading house for jewellery and watches in Austria with a unique combination of modern versatility, special unique items and privately owned jewellery at fair prices: The DOROTHEUM among jewellers.

With our in-depth DOROTHEUM competence, passion for values ​​and jewellery – whether new or old – and excellent service, we win our customers anew every day.

In our hearts, the little things take up the most space: jewellery from international brands, watches from renowned labels, unique items from the DOROTHEUM goldsmiths or affordable treasures from private collections. Austria’s largest jeweller has also been selling rings made from FAIRTRADE gold since May 2016. DOROTHEUM Jeweller advises future bridal couples with a lot of knowledge and empathy in the choice of wedding rings.

We love to transform life into special moments with special pieces of jewellery and thus to give everyday life that special something. That’s what it’s all about. And this passion is expressed in all of our products and services. Our brand promise sums up this attitude: “It’s the little things that make life great.”

There are 26 DOROTHEUM jewellers in Austria and once as an online shop at

Dorotheum Jeweller in Villach also offers a loan service with Dorotheum Pfand.