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Müller Drogeriemarkt Shopfront

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 09.00 to 19.30
Saturday 09.00 to 18.00
Contact Mrs. Navisotschnig
Phone +43 4242 905 150

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Müller focuses on friendliness and outstanding service. The branch at ATRIO offers a pleasant atmosphere, light and bright premises and a unique range of drugstore products  (approx. 50,000 articles), perfumery (approx. 23,000 articles), stationery (approx. 18,000 articles), toys (approx. 20,000 articles), multimedia (approx. 40,000 articles), household goods (approx.10,000 articles), hosiery (approx. 6,000 articles) and books.


Compare our prices

As in all branches of Müller, in Villach too our customers will find great quality at low prices – 10,000 articles across the entire product range have already been permanently reduced in price, and with our permanent low prices concept we also guarantee our customers the best price in Austria for around 500 further articles.