Family services

Whether nursing- and baby changing rooms, lifts or childcare facilities / family parking spaces / attractions for children – we attach great importance to practical details in order to make your visit to ATRIO Villach a stress-free experience for your whole family.

Baby changing rooms
5 Baby Changing Rooms

There are 5 warm and friendly baby changing rooms available to our visitors, including changing tables and mats, radiant heaters and bottle warmers.

In addition there are changing boxes at INTERSPAR Restaurant, TUI, Palmers, name it, Planet Lollipop and at the customer service

Toilets with child seats
Toilets with child seats

we offer toilets with child seats so that the little ones don’t have to be left alone when mom goes to the toilet.

Family services
Free children’s buggy rental

If you don’t have your own buggy with you to have enough space in the trunk for your shopping, we will help you with the free children’s buggy, which can be borrowed free of charge at the customer serivce (upon presentation of ID)

stressfree parking
Extra-wide parking spaces

Lots of space to get in and out and to unload strollers, diaper bags and more.

Happy im Planet Lollipop
The coolest place for kids is PLANET LOLLIPOP!

Happy and his friends are looking forward to your visit.

Rush around and experience adventures, be creative or take it easy: PLANET LOLLIPOP is a world of experiences in which kids have the choice.


Mr. Punch
New storys from mr. punch

Mr. Punch visits ATRIO every 1st Tuesday and Wednesday of the month (except December) with two new adventures.

At 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. you can be part of a new adventure.

If you don’t have time on these dates, you can also watch many fun adventures from our archive online.

Mini Lollipop
Mini Lollipop
Fun for the little ones

Mini Lollipop is a small-area play island on the ground floor in front of Hollister and is precisely tailored to the needs of toddlers under the age of four. The best thing about it: Mini Lollipop is free for the little ones.

Planet Lollipop
Carefree shopping experience thanks to professional childcare at PLANET LOLLIPOP ATRIO Villach, located on the 2nd floor.
HAPPY is taking a break. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the PLANET LOLLIPOP will remain closed until further notice. We ask for your understanding.
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Free extra wide parking spaces
There are 2,000 extra wide parking spaces. Those are located in the underground car park, on the open parking lot or on the ATRIO parking deck. They are 2.80 m wide.
Mini Lollipop
Games and fun for kids

All toddlers under the age of four can run around and play on the ground floor in front of Hollister. The use of the small-playing-area is free of charge. Mini Lollipop stands for fun and games in a small area. Funny skill games, a mini slide, a toy car and a wooden house leave nothing to be desired and invite you to linger. While one parent comfortably does the shopping, the other part takes over the fun in the mini lollipop. The indoor playground is precisely tailored to the needs of toddlers under four.
With the whole family at ATRIO
We make your visit with your family a stress-free experience. Find out more about our family services now!
Family services
Baby Changing Room
The changing rooms at ATRIO is located by the toilet groups
Parent-child toilets with baby seats
The spacious parent-child toilets with baby seats are located in the women’s toilets.
Free diapers & wet wipes
Free diapers & wet wipes are available at the following distribution points: ATRIO customer service, name it, TUI Reisecenter, Palmers, INTERSPAR Restaurant and Planet Lollipop
Buggy Rental
The buggy rental at ATRIO Villach is located at the customer service on the ground floor. Only possible during the center’s opening hours. Rental on presentation of ID.
children’s riding equipment
The children’s riding equipment is located in front of the ATRIO customer service, in front of Müller and in front of Pearle.
Breastfeeding- and changing room
The spacious nursing and changing room at ATRIO is located by the toilet groups.