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Our PLANET LOLLIPOP is closed until further notice. All updates can be followed here.

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Planet Lollipop - Fun and Games, Excitement and Safety

  • a world filled with fun, creativity, safety and security for children
  • childcare so taht you can enjoy your shopping free from stress and worries
  • a perfect place for an unforgettable birthday party
  • lovingly created with innovative equipment and high-quality materials

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Planet LOLLIPOP team

Katharina Pflügl

Planet Lollipop

Mr Punch at ATRIO

Hooray, Mr Punch is coming back soon – and he will have lots of great presents and birthday surprises in his suitcase!

Mr Punch visits ATRIO on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month.
There are shows at 15.00 and 16.30 on both days, and in between there is fun and games, drawing and crafts with Mr Punch's friends from Schabanack.

Mr Punch at ATRIO

G Ground floor   |   1. 1. Floor   |   2. 2. Floor

Services for families

ATRIO shopping senza confini means limitless shopping enjoyment for all the family, with all-round service for mums, dads and little ones. 

Extra-wide parking spaces: plenty of space for getting in and out, strapping in and unstrapping, loading and unloading buggies, nappy bags, etc.

Free buggy hire at ATRIO Customer Information: if you haven't brought your own buggy with you so as to have plenty of space in the boot for your shopping, help is at hand – with a buggy you can borrow free of charge from ATRIO Customer Information (deposit and ID required).