International and national prizes and awards

Not only the unique architecture, but also the exemplary sustainability of the entire project caused a sensation and a multitude of international awards. 652 bored piles are used as energy piles for heating and cooling. The waste heat is sent back into the ground and stored. Almost half of the energy required by the ATRIO is obtained in this way. Also exceptional are 2,000 extra-wide free parking spaces and numerous service offers that guarantee stress-free shopping. The ATRIO is operated by SES Spar European Shopping Centers, the largest developer and operator of shopping centers in Austria and Slovenia.

ATRIO has received the following national and international awards:

_ LOB-Award, Carinthia
_ ICSC Best-of-the-Best Award for Sustainable Design
_ ICSC Solal Marketing Award
_ TRIGOS for social and corporate responsibility, 1st prize
_ ICSC International Design and Development Award
_ TRIGOS Award für CSR/Ökologie, 1. Preis
_ ICSC ReSource Award Supporting Sustainable Development
_ ICSC European Shopping Center Award/Commendation
_ Energy Globe Award, Kärnten, 2. Preis