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Opening Times

Monday - Thuesday 09.00 to 19.30
Wednesday 15.00 - 19.30 Uhr
Thursday 09.00 - 19.30 Uhr
Friday 09.00 - 14.00 Uhr
Saturday closed
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Phone 0660 / 680 06 24

Trainingsloft Angelika

We look forward to presenting our new personal training studio to you. In our studio we focus on efficient, targeted and holistic training. We offer training in the areas of endurance, strength, flexibility or coordination. The use of Loncego EMS equipment means that minimal training periods of 20 minutes are sufficient to give the body the necessary training impulses. EMS training using the Loncego technology is a highly efficient, holistic and yet time-saving method of whole body training.

As an alternative and optimal complement to conventional strength or endurance training, fast, safe training effects that are noticeable with low levels of effort can be achieved in the area of muscle-building and fat combustion.

Trainingsloft Angelika

But our studio also offers the option of undertaking traditional strength training with the Technogym (Kinesis) and TRX systems, in order to achieve the necessary balance for one-way work stresses. The spacious changing and shower areas and a pleasant atmosphere round off what we have to offer.

Drop in and let us tell you all about our variety of other training options! You will find us on the top floor next to the family adventure world LOLLIPOP.