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Optimal vision

When Pearle opened their first branch in Austria in 1998, it started a small revolution on the domestic eyewear market. Suddenly, there were specialist opticians’ stores with expert customer care AND quality eyeglasses at very attractive prices. That was the beginning of a great success story, a story that continues to be written every day in over 100 Pearle branches across Austria. Today Pearle is part of GrandVision, Europe’s largest opticians’ group with more than 5000 stores in more than 40 countries throughout the world. And, as a customer, you also profit from this!

We keep our promises:

  • Clear pricing – from the very beginning and always with a best-price guarantee

Thanks to our transparent pricing, you don’t have to wait until you’re at the counter to find out the cost of your glasses – you help determine it from the very beginning. We stand by our fair prices and offers.

  • Best customer care from trained opticians – satisfaction guaranteed

Highly trained specialists await you in our Pearle branches, ready to offer expert advice on how to achieve optimal vision – from the initial information through the free eye test to finding the right product. Expertise comes as standard in every aspect of our work.

Optimal vision

  • A broad selection and famous brand-name products – quality guaranteed

 Our range includes all products related to optimising your vision:

- Prescription eyeglasses: nearsighted and farsighted glasses, reading glasses and varifocal lenses

- Sunglasses and prescription sunglasses in every design

- Contact lenses: daily and monthly contact lenses; both also available as varifocals

 When it comes to our exclusive and famous brand-name products, we attach the greatest importance to quality. Which guarantees you long-term satisfaction with your product.

The experts at Pearle are happy to assist you and provide friendly, comprehensive and professional advice. From providing the initial, non-binding information, through a free eye test, to helping you find the right product. And even afterwards, we’re happy to provide you with our services!